Sundowner, 2013 In Hiding, Acrylic on aluminum beverage cans, artificial flowers and ceramic vase. 2014 New print edition in the shop — “Holy Water”, 11”x14” letterpress print on cotton rag paper. Edition of 7. Purchase here. Puff ‘n’ Run A preview page from Whatever Man, coming soon-ish. Walk in the Park A few guys for New York magazine's Best of New York 2014 issue. Squiggerettes, acrylic on stretched canvas, 30” x 30”, 2014. Quick Fix (2014) Pretty Useless Weapon (2014) For the street food issue of Lucky Peach. The next morning, for Five O’ Clock. Shower thoughts, for Harry’s Five O’ Clock magazine. Custom covers for American Illustration 32. Commissioned by Other Means. Steve, collage, 2014